tell us about yourself.

I've always been passionate about helping people achieve greatness, success and fulfillment. I love inspiring people and helping them figure out what they want, who they are, and what they have to offer. I founded My Marketability in 2011 with a mission to help people find a meaningful career and differentiate as top talent to get hired faster. As a Career Coach, I work with multi-passionate career changers and driven job seekers. I’ve helped hundreds of people get hired into top companies, such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Deloitte, Bell and many more.

Prior to starting my business, I worked at Google Canada as a Recruiter, as a Recruitment Manager for Ivey MBA and Executive MBA Programs, in management consulting at Accenture, and in Training & Marketing at TELUS. Currently, I’m a proud new mom and I’m enjoying motherhood. My son turns one on August 22!


how do you generate revenue for your business?

There are 4 different ways I generate revenue for my business:
●      1-on-1 career coaching and interview coaching: I work with career changers and job seekers 1-on-1 where they receive customized support and guidance for 3 - 6 months
●      Online courses: I sell 6 online courses related to career planning and job search
●      Recruiting service – I work with a recruiting agency to help employers find top talent for their companies
●      Speaking and training engagements – I get hired as a speaker for career fairs, job fairs, professional associations, student run organizations on topics like job search, career advice, personal branding, networking etc.


tell us your worst entrepreneurial moment.

I see “worst entrepreneurial moments” as “challenging key learning experiences” for my career. If I had to choose a moment, it was when I was pregnant and trying to get ready for the baby. I hired people to take my business to the next level, I wanted to relaunch a new website, rebrand, launch a new program. However, there were delays, things didn’t go as planned, and I had to let go of someone - it was a very stressful period for me! I did learn the following important lessons during such time, such as:

●      Don’t be afraid to seek out for help, especially when something big is going on
●      Plan for the unexpected, things can get delayed and that’s okay
●      Don’t be too hard on yourself, take everything as a learning experience



      Know yourself: If you’re starting a business, it’s important to spend time on getting clear on knowing who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer - do the inner work first. When you have clarity, you’re more confident and courageous.
      Know your strengths and why: Get clear on what makes you great at what you do, why do you do what you do. When you’re lost, frustrated, or unmotivated you want to get back to your why. In my case is the fulfillment of making a difference and doing something I’m great at and love.
      Know your messages: Have these unique messages/answers to these questions ready when you’re talking to ideal clients:
      Think about how you can add value in terms of what you’re offering
      What makes you unique
      What benefit can people get from hiring you


what is something exciting that you are doing you'd like to share?

For my business, I’m excited to launch my first group coaching program in the fall – a combination of online courses and live calls with me every week as well as Q&A hours. For those who can’t afford working with me 1-on-1, this is an opportunity for them to get access to her every week where they can get encouragement and empowerment and champion them to achieve their career goals.

In my personal life, I’m planning my son’s first birthday party! For my home, I’m excited to get my basement renovated to create a play area for my son. It’s a busy time indeed.